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Monday, April 21, 2014

First Impression of Drudkh: Black Metal from Kharkiv, Ukraine

Drudkh - Wind of the Night Forests

I'm digging this right now. Atmospheric and/or Black Metal is how I would describe them so far. The rolling, mellow, borderline symphonic tones are well decorated with the mild ting-tings of the cymbal. I find that many bands go to town with cymbals and top hats, drowning out the rest of the band's hard work in contributing to the sound. 

When I went to see Tool play in Spokane, WA this year, I brought my friend who had not really heard much from them, nor had he been to a big concert before. He was blown away by the beautiful, artistic, well put together show that Tool gave us, and commented on Danny Carey's drumming:
"He knows his set well and he plays well. He knows and appreciates the value of space."

This is the perfect way to describe Vlad's drumming: he is articulate, precise, and he knows the value of space in music. 

A friend gave me the discography of this band. I read about them at one point when I was looking for Romanian metal bands, and ran across a bunch of Eastern European bands on Encyclopaedia Metallum, though I never looked up their music. Others I came across include Dordeduh, and Negură Bunget. After having this group's music literally handed to me, I am energized to branch out and listen to many other bands on my own once again. 

Sometimes we get stuck in a musical loop listening to the same things over and over. Drudkh is a breath of fresh air for me and I am happy to have been pushed to give these guys a try. Go check them out! 

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