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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Talking to Strangers, and Thy Infernal

I find it much more satisfying to post longer writings regarding music and thought. Therefore, it has become my goal to write longer, more thought out and interesting articles and post them weekly on Monday mornings. This coincides with Metal Mondays at a venue here in Seattle, and if anyone bothers to subscribe to my site it may prove to be something to look forward to reading during the week. I certainly look forward to meeting this ongoing goal.
For today I will just share a little bit of what I’ve been introduced to lately, which may be of no news to you, reader, but please listen and read anyways.
I was wandering the pages of Facebook on Sunday afternoon when I came across one for someone who I see weekly, someone who many of my friends know; someone I know of but have never officially met. Maybe it’s creepy, I don’t know, who cares? I scrolled through his page to see what kind of music he might be into that I haven’t heard of, and of course, he had posted the entire album of a band called Thy Infernal.
Thy Infernal - Warlords of Hell, full album
The caption he posted with it said something along the lines of, "I hate picking a favorite band but this album is so great, I listen to it over and over, it’s so good!" I clicked play, and let that play while I did other important Internet stuff such as browse captioned cat photos and debate whether or not to depart from the Facebook following of Doge. 
Each track that’s going by I’m thinking HOLY SHIT, THIS IS GREAT! I had never heard of Thy Infernal before and now, certainly, my life is slightly altered for the better. This stranger, this person who doesn’t know I am exploring their public-by-choice-Facebook-Life has brought me the joy of Thy Infernal!
Naturally, I had to thank them.
I started writing this poor guy this utterly unnecessary message. It basically says,
We’ve never met, but I’ve seen you around at (such&such place) and we have some common friends. I was wandering the pages of Facebook, like we do... and came across yours. I started playing that album you posted, by Thy Infernal, since you made it pretty clear that anyone who came across that status of yours simply HAD to give them a listen.
It’s so great! Thank you for sharing it so people like me could run across it by chance and hear something new.
Anyways, take care, maybe we will meet someday,
And I never really expected to meet this guy, since I’ve been going to the place where I see him for 6 months now, and in no way has there ever been an opportunity to meet him in that time period.
The next day I met him. I went there for a show, and my friend was talking with him, and pulled me aside and presented me to him! Of all the times, the day after I stalker sweep his Facebook to listen to the same music he does just out of curiosity and send him a message saying
“Thanks for sharing music with us strangers on the Internet!”
A silly world we live in, indeed.
I even told him I had done that the day before. Maybe just to see what reaction I would get from him, maybe just to make an impression so that maybe, just maybe, he would remember me later on.
Whatever the reason, I am who I am, and since then a random person has contacted me in the same way. I love it! I love all of this. I must be doing something right. Beautiful, talented, kind-hearted metal people keep wandering into my life. This is life, I am so happy right now. 
With that I end this post and start preparing for next week’s article.

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