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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Elfsgedroch - a YouTube Find

Elfsgedroch - "Gieselbaarg"

I'm starting a series of posts focusing on the bands and tracks I find on various YouTube Metal Promotion channels. I might do a weekly post picking my favorite of the ones posted the previous week, or I might write whenever I feel the urge. This may be risky since 99.99% of the projects I've seen there I have never heard of before. So that's also probably good, because maybe these "reviews" will help somebody out! Anyways, today I chose something relatively small, yet very new, and it's a preview of their upcoming release on tape.

Elfsgedroch - Op de Beenderen van Onze Voorvaderen (The Bones Of Our Ancestors)
coming March, 2016

Elfsgedroch is described as NLBM (Netherlands Black Metal), "Inspired by the northern parts of the Netherlands. With it's desolate meadows, haunting winds, hungry sea, ancient spirits, occult myths, dark legends and bloody historic events," (from their FB page, (Play the song as you read: )

Well how can anyone resist a band with such inspiration?! With less than 100 fans on Facebook, less than 500 song views on the band channel, and me being the 11th person to "view" this song on YouTube at Black Metal Promotion, I'm seriously wondering where this band's great recording quality and availability came about (but yes, I do know that some countries consider having released an album a musical profession, and therefore allot tour time, funds, or what-have-you to encourage their career). I just read they record and release their own music themselves - well done! Anyways, I have not heard anything from them until now.

To sum up the sound of the band's latest released track "Gieselbaarg", I hear matter-of-fact attitude  and suspenseful chords (though not unlike a progression heard from the Karkelo days of Korpiklaani), even-rolling drumming (musical term for this style? - I don't know, help me out), the chords continue with barking harsh vocals sandwiching a public speech/dictator style clip of Antichrist commentary, and appropriate tempo adjustments that keep the song interesting. The final seconds seem to be set in a small church with sunday school kids singing a not-so-alarming sounding hymn, which hopefully trails off, or somehow in epic fashion leads into the next song, which has not yet been released.

Because I don't understand, speak, or read Dutch, I found the lyrics on their bandcamp ( and via Google Translate translated them for further interpretation and context. "Gieselbaarg" seems to have no direct translation into English, but the lyrics are well composed (those that translated anyways) - and horrifying (without being gory and graphic). Suddenly the start to this album has a whole new meaning - it's like, we're on a road trip with Log Lady from Twin Peaks and, "Look, over there, between Wedde and Wessinghuizen, there's a story from there..."

Not too unexpected from black metal inspired by - let's face it - the northern region of anywhere, and I'm liking the direct use of the word "voraciously" in particular. But drawing from their inspirations, i.e. "bloody historic events", are we hearing a Holocaust story? An actual witch burning? Is this fact or fiction? Do any of the band members have experience with the land between Wedde and Wessinghuizen?

So many questions!

Comparing this intro track to the 6th track ("Van Helsdeur tot Duivelshoorn/From Helsdeur To Devil's Horn", the only other track currently available for listening at the moment), it does sound more folk metal(ish), and is likely easing the listener into a more harsh sounding album staying true to black metal sound (and subject matter).

I dig it so far. It's not the best thing since this, that, and the other thing, but it's a nice taste of art from our Groningen friends in northern Netherlands. I love how they sing in their first language, but I do hope some sort of lyrics translation sheet/liner notes will be available when the album is officially released - they are not to be missed!

Thanks to Elfsgedroch for making your voice heard in the metal community, and thanks to Black Metal Promotion on YouTube for sharing this track and doing all you do for metal.

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