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Sunday, April 07, 2013

My 3 Favourite Etsy Shops (for March, 2013)

I have not been updating this blog of mine lately. My man and I packed up our things and drove from Alaska, through Canada.....

to move to.......


We love it here so far! Although we are still staying with some friends on their living room floor in Seatac (and have been for the past 5 months!!!), we consider ourselves living in Seattle now. We have only recently acquired enough part-time jobs to be able to support ourselves in an apartment of our own. So, the apartment-hunting begins.

Therefore, in all of our unemployed time, I have found 3 great gems on Etsy that I just cannot stop revisiting!

1. Clay Gauged, Plugs and Art Jewelry

I love this Etsyan because they are not afraid of COLOUR! They utilize classic colour combinations as well as quirky, seemingly New-Age and Mexicana inspired arrangements that absolutely demand your attention. 


They work well with colour, but they also use the basics to their fullest potential. Forming basic spirals, Art Noveau styled designs, sea creatures, vegetables, airborne beings, and other mind boggling sculpted creations, Clay Gauged knows what the gauged community is looking for, and exceeds all expectations.

2. Good Egg, by elf518

The creator of Good Egg describes their knitted pattern style as the "intersection of modern and traditional motifs." Nothing could be more accurate to describe these beautiful works of unique knitted colourwork. 


What makes this Etsyan an extra special find on Etsy? They sell the PDF Patterns for these beautiful designs! So, if you are a knitting fiend (like myself and many others out there!), you can choose your own colour scheme to match your home decor and personal tastes. 


You just may be lucky enough to find a friend to knit these blueprints into your own quirky garments and cushions.

Being a knitter I know how much work must go into these designs! They are original, unique, and Good Egg sure knows the ins and outs of keeping a simple, productive, successful Etsy Shop! In this Etsyan's case, less is way, way more. Check it out!

3. JessieForged, by Jessie Ford

Last listed but CERTAINLY not least, are the Metalsmithed and Multi-Media Majesties of Jessie Forged. My best friend and absolutely the most creatively inspiring person in my life, I am proud to share her Etsy on my site. JessieForged is inspired by simply: Everything. Time, Space, the Life of Bees, Colours / the Absence-of, Geometric Shapes, History, Love, War, and everything between. Building an inventory for her Etsy has proven a challenge, as her works tend to sell fresh out of the workshop, so I take great pleasure in the opportunity to share Jessie Forged right here in my blog.

If not for the upkeep of my own Etsy shop, then these pendants would keep me on Etsy, checking back for more. In addition to Space inspired necklaces, there are bronze cast Arrowheads, Quartz and Amethyst set pendants, and other earthly metal-set pendants she makes as well. However, I guess we will just have to "favorite" the shop for now, and keep checking back for what JessieForged has to offer.

So this is my latest load of interests. I hope someone has received a wave of inspiration! Thank you for wandering into my humble abode.


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